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Remote radio control

Remote radio control zoom

Radio switch RS-401 is designed for use in stationary and mobile communication centers.

  • Radio switch
  • Remote radio control
  • Cross band repeater
  • Radio control apparatus

The main function of the radio switch RS-401 -Provides a virtual connection to any radio, cellular, or wired phone, satellite channel, followed by the joint switching devices.

RS-401 consists of a desktop remote radio operator, a separate remote control software for the switching system and the various connected stations, which may include HF, UHF, VHF station, satellite system and trunking communication, cell phones and other communications equipment companies. Implementation of interface to the telephone line via the built-in telephone interface.

Remote radio operator table can function as a stand-alone unit with no external software and a remote control remote control. Features RS-401 allows to maintain a fully automated control of the device in the case of installation in remote locations.

Web interface
Using the Ethernet port, the RS-401 is controlled remotely using a standard web-based interface that is used to access the built-in configuration options and management tools.

Voice messages
After recording voice messaging becomes possible through voice instructions inform the user about it and call forwarding to mobile subscribers, as well as to broadcast the selected frequency voice messages.

• switching the connected subscriber stations and PBX lines for connection between them in various combinations
• connect radio stations in repeater mode in manual and automatic modes
• management of mobile and fixed radio stations with remote radio operator and a remote control
• simultaneous operation with remote radio operator and the remote control with the same radio
• control remote radio operator with the PC via Ethernet (optional)
• communication in simplex mode PSTN subscriber connected with the radio station or group of stations
• record and send voice messages (optional)
• PBX line management with remote radio operator
• recording of conversations from a connected external recording device
• visual inspection of the connection status through LED indicators
• connect an external speaker
• speakerphone "Intercom" between the remote and the remote radio operator in simplex mode


Design desktop
Number of connected radios 4
Number of connected telephone lines 1
Types of connected radio MF, HF, VHF, UHF, АРСО 25, TETRA
DTMF signal processing from 0 to 9, *, #
Memory for voice messages 60 seconds
Power supply, V (DC) 12-26 VDC
Power connector DC Power Jack 2.1 mm
Power built-in speaker 5 W
Removing the remote control from a central console up to 40 meters (no additional power supply). over 40 meters (with optional power supply)
Network interface 10/100BASE-T Ethernet; RJ-45 connector
Operating temperature range -5 to 50 ° C
Relative humidity 95%
Degree of protection IP50
Housing plastic
Intercom mode simplex
Telephone interface built-in
Negotiation Mode simplex
A method of dialing the PBX tonal

Options order
 Version   Composition
 RS-401  remote desktop without pay radio operator voice messages, headset microphone with DTMF keyboard, power supply. 
 RS-401 web   (with control over Ethernet)
 remote desktop without pay radio operator voice messages, headset microphone with DTMF keyboard, power supply. 
 remote control        (remote control for RS-401, RS-401 web)
console, headset microphone with DTMF keypad.
 cable radio  cable assembly for connection: center console - radio
 cable system  cable assembly 40 m to connect: center console - remote control 
   board voice messages up to 60 seconds